Award History

Cabinet Office

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Achievement Award/Minister of the Environment Minister's Award

"Collaborative technology development on fundamental low carbon operation of datacenters and waste heat use in offices" (2015)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

i-Construction Grand Prize

"Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry general office building annex renovation work (16), mechanical equipment and other construction work" (2018)

The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan


"Environmentally conscious facilities planning at Akasaka Intercity AIR" (2019)
"Environmental planning of Tokyo Square Garden - Next-generation urban environment model building in which operators, managers, residents, and construction workers work on low carbon as four unified stakeholders" (2015)
"Environmental Facilities Plan at Shimizu Corporation Headquarters - Realization of Urban High-rise Office that Contributes to a Sustainable Society" (2014)
"Environmental and facility design and implementation of Iino Building" (2013)
"Equipment construction at Osaka Energy Service No. 2 plant - Comprehensive heat source system design and pursuit of efficient plant operation" (2013)
"Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center - Environmentally-conscious laboratory that increases intellectual productivity" (2013)
"Building facilities for Marunouchi Park Building and Mitsubishi Ichigokan" (2011)

Junen (10-Year) Award

"Implementing operating improvements and making ongoing verifications into methods for reducing environmental impact at Tochigi Prefecture government building" (2019)
"CO2 emissions reduction measures with the aim of achieving an "Emission ZEB" for Sony City" (2018)
"Continuous operation analysis, improvement and measurement technology at TA Building" (2016)
"Realization of 'Energy conservation capable of continuous development' at Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building" (2013)

Renovation Award

"Kyoto Station Building heat source and HVACsystem repair work commissioning project with a 100 year goal" (2019)
"Energy saving renovation of building equipment in Makuhari Technogarden" (2014)
"Umeda Center Building air conditioning renovation" (2012)

Technology Promotion Awards

"Equipment planning for JR Gate Tower" (2019)
"Japan Radio Kawagoe Plant" (2018)
"Chubu University's Smart Eco-Campus - Working Toward a Substantiative Model Smart Community" (2017)
"Planning and testing of total energy system for water and air at Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa" (2017)
"Development of wastewater-less flushing method" (2016)
"Ritsumeikan Junior High School" (2016)
"Saga Prefecture Medical Center Koseikan" (2016)
"'Eco-School - WASEDA' Waseda University High School education to develop an eco-environment" (2015)
"Green Shinshsu - Three keys Saku General Hospital Saku Medical Center's environmental facilities plan" (2015)
"Equipment plan for the Tokyo Electron Miyagi Headquarters Factory" (2014)
"Air conditioning equipment for Shizuoka Gas Headquarters Building" (2014)
"Environmental planning and implementation at Taisho Pharmaceutical Kansai Branch" (2014)
"Planning, design and construction for Toyosu Cubic Garden" (2013)
"Nagano Prefecture Credit Association Second Head Office Building" (2013)
"Rissho University Kumagaya Campus renovation" (2012)
"Environmentally conscious technology for AISIN AW Technology Center "(2012)
"Air conditioning equipment for Yubari Tsumura Crude Drug Low Temperature Warehouse" (2011)
"Air conditioning equipment for Fuji Xerox R&D Square" (2011)
"Repair plan and evaluation of air conditioning heat source system utilizing well water for Kansai Electric Power Kyoto Branch Office Building" (2011)
"Energy security and equipment plan for Maruito Namba Building" (2011)
"Fukuyama City Manabi-No-Kan Rosecom (Fukuyama City Central Library/Fukuyama City Lifelong Learning Plaza)" (2010)

Uichi Inoue Memorial Award

The 5th Uichi Inoue Memorial Award (2014)

Paper Award

"Investigation on actual operation of multi-package type air conditioners by probe insertion method" (2014)
"Development of integrated hydrogen utilization system for building facilities" (2012)

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

2021 ASHRAE Technology Award First Place

"Kyoto Station Building heat source and HVACsystem retrofit project"

The Japan Machinery Federation

Chairman's Award

"Excellent energy-saving equipment award (GLIP®)" (2007)

The Energy Conservation Center, Japan

Energy Conservation Grand Prize for excellent energy conservation equipment, Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry

"Kyoto Station Building heat source and HVACsystem repair work commissioning project with a 100 year goal" (2018)

Energy Conservation Grand Prize Director General of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

"Measures for higher efficiency heat utilization at new plant for lithium ion batteries" (2019)
"Energy-saving renovation project using stratified air conditioning system (SWIT)" (2012)

Energy Conservation Grand Prize Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Award

"Energy-saving support through cloud-type analysis tool (GODA® cloud) provision service" (2017)

Excellent ESCO Business Gold Award

"ESCO Project at Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital" (2008)
"ESCO Project at Chofu City Hall, Cultural Hall" (2007)

Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation

Sustainable Building Award/Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award

"Fukuyama City Manabi-No-Kan Rosecom" (2011)
"Iwate Prefectural People Information Center"(2007)
"Epson Innovation Center" (2007)

Sustainable Building Award/Jury Prize Encouragement Prize

"Toyota Boshoku Sanage Development Center No.2 Building" (2011)

Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers

Academic Award

"Promoting heat transfer of evaporator by refrigerant vapor recovery using ejector and improving performance of refrigeration cycle" (2007)

Encouragement Award

"Research on energy system technology using hydrogen storage alloys" (2001)

Japan Association of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors

Excellent Energy Saving Equipment, Special Award

"Development of aluminum refrigerant piping system" (36th Excellent Energy Saving Equipment Awards, 2019)

Japan Air Cleaning Association

Paper Award

"Adsorption/desorption model of multicomponent organic matter for life prediction of activated carbon chemical filters" (2006)

Chairman's Award

"Evaluation of the dispersibility of microorganisms from air conditioner coil fins" (2007)
"Chemical filter lifetime prediction method considering substitution adsorption phenomena in multicomponent organic gases" (2004)

Building and Equipment Long-life Cycle Association

BELCA Award Best Reform Category

"MOA Museum of Art" (28th BELCA Award, 2018)

Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Won the 2017 Good Design Award (Platform Division)

Japanese Association of Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Carbon Neutral Award

Association of Building Engineering and Equipment

Environmental and Equipment Design Award

Green IT Promotion Council

Green IT Award 2012 "IT Energy-Saving (of IT) Division" Jury Special Award

"Energy-saving air conditioning system for datacenters/server rooms (IDC-SFLOWTM)" (2012)

Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Chiyoda Ward Environmental Conscious Award

"Energy-saving management, disclosure of environmental information using internal network, promotion system for local environmental activities, local environmental conservation activities, etc." (2012)