Technology of Energy Management

We are engaged in R&D of system technologies such as heat recovery/use cycles, heat storage, biomass, and hydrogen energy. Since electricity, gas and petroleum energy are used in various facilities and finally released to the environment as thermal energy, we aim to develop system technologies that lead to the improvement of efficiency of energy utilization of all facilities, such as heating/cooling recovery/use cycles, centering on ambient temperature.

We are promoting R&D and commercialization of heat storage, biomass, and hydrogen energy, etc. through collaborative research and development with universities/research institutions and equipment manufacturers, etc.

Owned Technologies

  • Heat Storage and Heat Utilization Technology
  • Hydrogen Energy Utilization Technology
  • Refrigerant Cycle Efficiency Improvement
  • Fluid Analysis Technology
  • Heat Transfer Analysis Technology

Development Products/Technology

  • Super Ice System MII
  • Multi Refrigerant Subcool System for Buildings