(Eco-friendly) Technology of IAQ Control for Production

We are working on the development of technologies and products that aim to eliminate and purify the various factors that affect the manufacturing environment and the atmosphere, such as by purifying the inside of manufacturing environments and pollutants in air supply and exhaust systems, while also achieving optimization of the manufacturing environment and zero emissions to the atmosphere. We provide molecular pollutant removal technology for clean rooms for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing, conduct research on advanced and applied technologies such as lithium ion batteries and low dew point dehumidification technology that is indispensable for organic EL manufacturing, and conduct research and development on microbial contamination control technology which is important in pharmaceutical products and food production. Furthermore, we are working in a wide range of technical fields related to the manufacturing environment and the atmosphere, such as process recovery technologies such as for VOCs discharged from various manufacturing processes including printing and painting, and CO2 emission control by energy-saving.

Owned Technologies

  • Molecular Contamination Control Technology
  • Static Electricity Removal Technology
  • Chemical Composition Analysis Technology
  • Local Cleaning Technology
  • Clean Room Temperature And Humidity Control
  • Chemical Filter Life Prediction Technology
  • Solvent Recovery Technology

Development Products/Technology