(Eco-friendly) Technology of IAQ Control

In our R&D of indoor environment control technology, we are working on technological innovation to create high-quality indoor environments for residents and manufactured goods. Mechanisms are required that can minimize global environmental burden and keep the total cost minimized throughout the lifecycle while satisfying the performance/functional requirements of air conditioning/ventilation systems. We are conducting R&D that utilizes naturally-occurring physical phenomena such as fresh air distribution utilizing air density difference and collection/transport of pollutants/exhaust heat. Another area of R&D is the creation of future-type indoor environments focusing on the functions of a space such as the comfort of the occupants and improvement of productivity. We aim to realize systematization technology incorporating new concepts and ideas using technology based on fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer engineering, and information communications.

Owned Technologies

  • Indoor Environment Simulation Technology
  • Energy Simulation Technology
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis Technology
  • Indoor Environment Measurement Technology
  • Air Conditioning/Ventilation Performance Evaluation Technology

Development Products/Technology