(Eco-friendly) Technology of Water treatment and Re-use

In order to realize a closed water system for reducing the environmental burden, we possess wastewater treatment technology, purification technology such as for well water, and reuse technology such as for production wastewater, etc. We respond to requests such as achieving both reduced maintenance costs for water treatment equipment through washing recycling technology for filtration membranes, and enhanced process capacity and reduced surplus sludge in wastewater treatment facilities through our proprietary technology that uses ozone. In addition, as an environmentally-friendly construction technology, we are deploying a wastewater-less flushing method which does not discharge piping washing water (flushing water) during construction work or from existing buildings, to many buildings.
Recently, we have been conducting R&D to process various types of waste discharged from buildings and at the same time converting them to valuable materials and providing them to customers.

Owned Technologies

  • Well Water Purification Treatment Technology
  • Neutralization Treatment Technology
  • Sand Filtration Technology
  • Coagulation Sedimentation Technology
  • Active Sludge Process Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • MBR (Membrane Separation Activated Sludge Method) Treatment Technology
  • Evaporative Concentration Treatment Technology
  • MF/UF Membrane Filtration Technology
  • RO Membrane Filtration Technology
  • Activated Carbon Treatment Technology
  • Sterilization/Disinfection Technology