Basic CSR Policy

  1. 1.Top management recognizes that CSR management is its own role and takes the initiative
  2. 2.Promote fair and highly transparent management, including thorough corporate ethics, and establishing an internal control system, etc.
  3. 3.Actively promote environmental conservation activities as a company that advocates environmental solution companies
  4. 4.Develop and provide socially useful and high-quality products and services, and gain customer satisfaction
  5. 5.For all employees and everyone who works at our company's workplace, we are working to establish a working environment that is physically and mentally safe and healthy, promote the establishment of systems and capacity development that contribute to the motivation of employees, and pursue improved satisfaction
  6. 6.Harmonize and actively communicate with society
  7. 7.Establish systems to promote the above basic policies
General CSR Activities

Basic Approach to CSR Management

We position CSR management as the foundation of our management as a part of our business, and we strive as a good corporate citizen to improve corporate value while fulfilling our social responsibilities and helping to realize a sustainable society

Fair and Transparent Management

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Ensure the legality, transparency and promptness of management, improve management efficiency to increase corporate value in the medium to long term, and earn trust from society

"Basic Policy on Internal Control System"

Ensure business appropriateness through improving the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of operations

  • "Basic Policy on Financial Reporting"

    Establish a system for providing truthful and fair financial reporting, preserve our assets, and ensure the reliability of financial information

"Group Action Guidelines"

  • "Group Corporate Ethics Principles"
  • "Basic Policy on Procurement"
    1. (1)Strive to build good partnerships based on mutual understanding and trust with our business partners
    2. (2)Provide fair transaction opportunities to our business partners
    3. (3) In dealing with transactions, comprehensively evaluate compliance with laws and regulations, quality, price, delivery date, technical capabilities, environmental conservation, safety and health, and soundness of management, etc. and select business partners rationally

Basic Approach to Risk Management

We will prevent the occurrence of any risks surrounding our business in advance, and promote risk management to minimize losses and continue our business in the event of a crisis

"Basic Policy on Information Security"

  • "Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information"

  • "Basic Approach to Intellectual Property"

    We strive to strengthen the legal protection and utilization of intellectual property, respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of third parties, and take appropriate measures concerning infringement of our intellectual property rights

Further Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Basic Approach to Customer Satisfaction

Develop and provide socially useful and high-quality building facilities and services that contribute to the development of a sustainable society, thoroughly implement safety management, and gain customer satisfaction and trust

"Basic Policy on Environmental Solution Activities (Green Air ®Activity Policy)"

Contribute to solving customer problems through aggressively developing and deploying energy-saving and CO2 -saving technology and optimizing building facility operation through cooperation with customers

Basic Approach to Quality

"Basic Policy on Quality"

We strive to grasp customer needs and provide optimal quality that contributes to customers' corporate activities

Basic Approach to R&D

"Basic Policy on R&D"

Develop distinctive technologies that meet customer needs

Contribution to Environmental Conservation

Basic Approach to Environmental Conservation

"Basic Policy on the Environment"

Contribute to "environmental conservation while ensuring the sustainable development of society" by making full use of environmental preservation technologies and our corporate capabilities

  1. 1.Promote the effective use of energy and resources
  2. 2.Promote the development and utilization of technologies that reduce the load on the environment
  3. 3.Improve environmental awareness among executives and employees and participate in environmental conservation activities
  4. 4.In order to promote these, establish systems for environmental conservation and aim for continuous maintenance and improvement
Realization of Employee Satisfaction

Basic Approach to Human Resources Development

"Basic Policy on Human Resources Development"

Based on the philosophy that "our people are our greatest asset," we will develop personnel who strive for growth in themselves and their juniors, with high ethical standards and problem consciousness, while taking on challenges with creative ingenuity, through systematic and planned training

Basic Approach to Human Rights

"Basic Policy on Human Rights"

We respect the fundamental human rights stipulated in the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and the "Constitution of Japan" and never discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, religion, social status, or physical reasons, etc., and we give consideration to the personality and individuality of employees

Safety and Health Philosophy

Safety is our top priority in carrying out all tasks

"Basic Policy on Safety And Health Activities"

It is absolutely not acceptable for our workers or their families to be tormented or sorrowful due to an accident at one of our construction sites

Harmony with Society

Basic Approach to Social Contribution

"Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities"

We fulfill our social responsibility as a "good corporate citizen" Through voluntary efforts for social contribution activities

"Basic Policy on Information Disclosure"

We disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with laws and regulations and respect the purpose and significance of the Tokyo Stock Exchange "Corporate Governance Code" and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act "Fair Disclosure Rules." By actively and fairly conducting IR activities, we will promote constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, and enhance corporate value and the common interests of shareholders over the medium- to long-term.